The Audience Between LPJK National with LPJKP North Maluku and LPJKP Aceh

March 16th, 2017

LPJKP North Maluku and LPJKP Aceh arranged an Audience to LPJK National in March 16th, 2017. It was located in the LPJKN office. While Introducing the new management, at the same time staying in touch as well as conveying about problems that happened in each LPJK Province also the plans taken after the Construction Law No.2 Years 2017 was issued. Accepted by the Chairman of LPJK National, Ir. Ruslan Rivai, MM and also presented the Vice Chairman III Dr. Ir. John Paulus Pantouw.MS and the board members of LPJK National, Dr. Ir. Pintor Tua Simatupang, MT, Ir. Bachtiar Siradjuddin, IPU and Hendrik Edi Purnomo, SH. CIArb.


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