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Visiting LPJK nasional,  General Director of Construction inquired about the structure of LPJK building.

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General Director of construction the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), Syarief Burhanuddin visited LPJK Nasional office, Friday (7/20/2018), in the Grha Building LPJK Nasional,  Jl. Arteri Pondok Indah, No. 82, Kebayoran Lama,  Jakarta Selatan. Accompanied by the Secretary General Director of Construction,  Yaya Supriatna, Sjarief went around the rooms on the second and third floor of LPJK building.

“This visit is a part of routine coordination about LPJK works with the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), at the same time desire to see the LPJK’s working atmosphere directly,” said Sjarief.

After he went around and did a light discussion with the board of LPJK Nasional’s leadership, today Syarief is scheduled to do a limited meeting with the board of LPJK Nasional’s supervisories. (rp)

Halal Bihalal LPJK: Strengthening the Communication, Tightening the Relationship.

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Jakarta-Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia (LPJKN) conducted halal bihalal’s event in Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (7/5/2018).

This event was held in order to strengthen communication and relationship among LPJK and the Minister of Housing and General Works (PUPR), LPJKP, Colleges, Company Association, Professional Association and other parties which were partners with LPJK.

General Director of Construction the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), Syarif Burhanuddin who attended in that occasion said that giving maximum services in the construction sector needs good communication from various parties. Therefore, Syarif thought this event which was held by LPJK was really pinpoint, namely to forgive one another for the less pleasing services, so that a better realtionship would be established.

“Strengthen the good communication. Because the government will get any suggestion from the entire parties in order to rectify the lack and weakness,” Said Syarif in his presentation.

Meanwhile the head of LPJKN, Ruslan Rivai hoped that the communication and synergy among other elements of LPJKN kept on to be strengthened, because every elements had the same purpose, namely to support the government’s programs in the construction sector.

In his presentation, the of LPJKN also reported about the result of LPJK meeting which was done before halal bihalal event, where has been agreed to do the free certification toward the experts in the entire of Indonesia at Indonesian Construction 2018. It is a kind of real support for improving the number of certified workers as mandated in UUJK.

Ustadz Bendri Jaisyurrahman was given a religious lecture in this halal bihalal event that was attended by 270 invited guests and was closed by hand-shaking and dinner.