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Organizational Structure of
Construction Service development Board of Indonesia

Management Committee
National Construction Service Development Board Period of 2016-2020


(Ir. Ruslan Rivai, MM)

Deputy I
Regulatory, Registration, License and Institutional Areas(Sutjipto, S.Sos, M.Si)
License and Registration Committee
(Ir. Muhammad Singgih, M.Eng,Sc)
Regulatory Committee
(Dr. Ir. Pintor Tua Simatupang, MT)
Inter-Institutional Relations Committee
(Ir. Murniati Pasaribu, M.Psi)
Deputy  II
Research and Development, Education and Training, Competitiveness & Resource Support(Prof. DR. Ir. Krishna S. Pribadi)
R & D Committee
(Ir. Biemo W Soemardi, M.S.E, Ph.D)
Education and Training Committee
(Ir. I Putu Artama Wiguna, MT, Ph.D)
Foreign Cooperation Committee
(Sjahrial Ong, M.B.A)
Deputy III
Law, Contract, Construction and Standardization Dispute Resolution (Dr. Ir. John Paulus Pantouw, M.S)
Legal Committee, Dispute Settlement and Arbitration
(Hendrik Edi Purnomo, SH, CIArb)
Construction Contract Development Committee
(Dr. Husni Ingratubun, SE, SH, MM, MH)
Standardization Committee
(Ir. Bachtiar Siradjudin, IPU)

Government Element Groups

Government Element GroupsConstruction Services Development Board of Indonesia 2016-2020

  1. Ministry For Public Works and Human Settlements
  2. Ministry of National Development Planning / National Development Planning Agency
  3. Ministry of Education and Culture
  4. Ministry of Transportation
  5. Ministry of Finance
  6. Ministry of Government Goods / Services Procurement Policy (LKPP)
  7. Ministry of Labor
  8. Ministry of Internal Affairs
  9. Ministry of Industry
  10. Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN)
  11. Ministry of Trade
  12. Central Statistics Agency (BPS)
  13. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM)
  14. Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  15. Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education
  16. Professional Certification Business Entity (BNSP)

Company Association Element Groups

Company Association Element Groups | Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia  2016-20201.

  1. AABI (Indonesian Concrete Asphalt Association)
  2. AKAINDO (Association of Indonesian Water contractors)
  3. AKI (Indonesian Contractors Association)
  4. AKJI (Association of Construction Services Contractors)
  5. AKKI (Association of Indonesian Construction Contractors)
  6. AKLI (Indonesian Association of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors)
  7. AKLINDO (Indonesian Electricity Contractors Association)
  8. AKMI (Indonesian Mechanical Contractors Association)
  9. AKSDAI (Indonesian Contractors Association)
  10. AKTALI (Indonesian Environmental Contractors Association)
  11. AKTI (Indonesian Integrated Contractors Association)
  12. AP3I (Association of Indonesian Pre printing and Pre stressed Companies)
  13. ASKONAS (National Contractors Association)
  14. ASPEKINDO (Indonesian Construction Entrepreneurs Association)
  15. ASPECNAS (National Construction Implementing Association)
  16. GABPEKNAS (National Contractor Company Association)
  17. GAPEKNAS (Indonesian National Contracting Entrepreneurs Association)
  18. GAPEKSINDO (Indonesian National Construction Company Association)
  19. GAPENRI (Indonesian National Association of Design and Development Companies)
  20. GAPENSI (Indonesian National Contracting Company Association)
  21. GAPKAINDO (Association of Indonesian Water Contractors)
  22. INKINDO (Indonesian Institute of Consultants)
  23. PERKINDO (Indonesian Consultant Association)

Professional Association Element Groups

Professional Association Element Groups | Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia 2016-2020

  1. A2K4-I (Indonesian Construction K3 Expert Association)
  2. AK3L (Association of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety)
  3. APEI (Indonesian Association of Electrical-Mechanical Professionalists)
  4. APTAKINDO (Indonesian Construction Workers Professional Association)
  5. ASDAMKINDO (Indonesian Construction Human Resources Association)
  6. ASTEKINDO (Indonesian Construction Engineering Workers Association)
  7. ASTTATINDO (Indonesian Expert and Skilled Technical Association)
  8. ASTTI (Indonesian Technical Staff Association)
  9. ATAKI (Association of Indonesian Construction Experts)
  10. ATAKSI (Association of Indonesian Construction Experts)
  11. ATAPI (Association of Indonesian Contractor Experts)
  12. GATAKI (Joint Construction Expert)
  13. HAKI (Association of Indonesian Construction Experts)
  14. HAMKI (Indonesian Construction Management Expert Association)
  15. HATHI (Indonesian Hydraulic Engineers Association)
  16. HATSINDO (Indonesian Construction Engineering Expert Association)
  17. HATTI (Indonesian Land Engineering Expert Association)
  18. HIPTASI (Indonesian Construction Workers Association)
  19. HPJI (Indonesian Road Development Association)
  20. IAI (Indonesian Architects Association)
  21. IAKI (Indonesian Construction Experts Association)
  22. IAMPI (Indonesian Project Management Experts Association)
  23. INTAKINDO (National Association of Indonesian Consultant Experts)
  24. KNIBB (Indonesian National Committee for Large Dam)
  25. PATI (Indonesian Engineers Association)
  26. PERTATI (Indonesian Expert and Skilled Association)

College Element Groups

College Element Groups |Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia 2016-2020

  1. Andalas University
  2. Sriwijaya University
  3. Bandung Institute of Technology
  4. Parahyangan Catholic University
  5. Pancasila University
  6. University of Indonesia
  7. Gajah Mada University
  8. Sepuluh November Institute of Technology
  9. Diponegoro University
  10. Sebelas Maret University
  11. Brawijaya University
  12. Hasanuddin University

Construction Services Expert Elements Groups

Construction Services Expert Elements Groups | Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia 2016-2020

  1. Ir. Krisna S. Pribadi
  2. Ir. Sarwono Hadimuljadi, MT, MH
  3. Dr. Ir. Rizal Z. Tamin
  4. Dr. (R) Andreas Wibowo, ST, MT
  5. Sjahrial Ong, MBA
  6. Hari Purwanto
  7. Ismono Yahmo, MA
  8. Ir. Gunawan Tjahjono, M.Arch, Ph.D
  9. Robin Asad Suryo, MA
  10. M. Donny Adzan, MA, MS. Ph.D
  11. Sugiyono, M.Si

License Committee Structure

National Construction Services Development Institute

For Further Information, please contact National LPJK at No. Tel: 62-21-7201476

Organizational Structure

Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia

For Further Information, please contact National LPJK at No. Tel: 62-21-7201476

Organizational Structure

Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia

For Further Information, please contact National LPJK at No. Tel: 62-21-7201476


Address of Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia

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