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PERKINDO Improves Its Performance.

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JAKARTA-The Association of Indonesian Consultants (PERKINDO) conducted a Leadership Training Level III that was followed by 40 participants who came from the PERKINDO-Regional Leadership Council throughout Indonesia which lasted for 3 days in Sofyan Hotel Jakarta since Thursday (5/9/2018).

At the opening ceremony of the training, the Chairman of PERKINDO, Catur Wibowo explained that the leadership training at that time was a regular activity which held every year. This training is important to improve the capacity of PERKINDO’s board in order to produce nurturing leaders, to serve its member well and professional as well as understanding the feature and organizational characteristics he led,” said Catur.

Meanwhile, the Head of LPJK Nasional,  Ruslan Rivai who was invited to attend the opening ceremony, he showed his apreciation to PERKINDO through his speech which has been prepared this organization to carry on the mandate of sustainable business development for its members with previously equip the management in all levels of the organization through this leadership training.

“The professional responsibility is not only improving the skill of consultant business manager, but also honing the leadership spirit is very needed by the member of PERKINDO,” cleared Ruslan.

19th anniversary, LPJK Nasional Held a Healthy Exercise. 

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The healthy exercise was held by LPJKN in order to celebrate its 19th anniversary on the area of Cafe Walking Drums, Jl. Patiunus, Blok F4, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Thursday (8/9/2018).

The event was started right at 6.30 in the morning,  Ruslan Rivai as the head of LPJKN declared in his report that LPJK was fully hearted supported all of the government’s programmes in the construction field.

“LPJK always fully heartedly and totally determined supports the government’s working programmes. At this time, LPJK is continuing to pursue the mandate of acceleration national certification as instructed by President Jokowi, ” said Ruslan.

Meanwhile, the General Director of Construction the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), Syarief Burhanuddin who opened this event said that he gave a positive appreciation toward LPJK’s works which had been highly dedicated in the acceleration national certification’s programme.

“I believe, LPJK always commits to support the government’s working programmes. The acceleration of construction labors’ certification is not negotiable anymore,” said Syarief in his speech.

After his speech, the Head of LPJKN as well as the General Director of Construction the Ministry of Housing and General Works did the cutting tumpeng ceremony followed by signing of joint commitment the acceleration of national certification.

The peak event in this activity was the Zumba healthy exercise which was instructed by the professional gymnastic’s instructor, Liza Nathalia who is the Ambassador of Indonesian Zumba. The exercise was followed by the supervisor and the board of LPJKN, the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), all Indonesian representatives of LPJKP and the representatives from association of business entity and profession.

Beside exercising, this event was also enlivened by many games that followed by all the implementing agencies of LPJKN, the representative from association of business entity and profession, LPJKP and the representative from the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR).

The Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR) Points West Lombok as the Construction Training Pilot.

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The Ministry of Housing and General Works makes the district of West Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, as the pilot training project and competence test of the construction workers.

“The number of skilled workmen was the reason why the Ministry chose the district of West Lombok compared than the other districts,” said the Director of Infrastructure Investment of the General Director of Construction the Ministry of PUPR, H. Masrianto, after the opening of debriefing competence test for 1000 certified construction workmen, in West Lombok, Tuesday (5/8/2018).

He said that the training activities and the competence test could indirectly increase the competitiveness in the construction sector with the other countries.

If the workmen own certificate of the competence test then they can work in the entire regions even working in the other countries

Therefore, Masrianto has asked the Office of General Works and Spatial Planning West Lombok District to re-record the workmen in order to propose more workmen to be certified.

“Please, re-record the workmen data so that it can be proposed in the next fiscal year,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the target of the construction workmen who will be given debriefing and competence test are 1200 people from 10 sub-district in West Lombok District.

Masrianto expected through this activity, it will be able to improve the capability and quality of the workmen especially in building construction sector.

The goal is as the breakthrough acceleration of the national labor development. Not only that thing, but also to produce competent workmen who are competent in the construction sector.

“If they already have the capabilities and skill that appropriate to the standards, of course they can compete both nationally and internationally,” he said.

Meanwhile,  the temporary regent official of West Lombok, H. Saswadi, welcomed the activities that were initiated by the official of PUTR West Lombok District,  together with the Ministry of Housing and General Works and construction service center region IV surabaya,  as well as the Development Agency of Construction services NTB province (LPJKP).

According to him, the certificate which will be obtained by the workmen who were participants of debriefing and competence test was very important because it had multidimensional benefit, especially improving self quality to be more capable.

Likewise, infrastructure development is urgently needed in the framework of economic growth where the entire development sectors need human resources who have good competence.

At this time,  the number of workmen in West Lombok District,  from the various qualification are 3.160 people and only 196 people who have been certified.

“Certificates are still needed for thousands workmen. Through this training, we hope that the need of high competence and certified workmen in the West Lombok will be fulfilled gradually,” said Saswadi.

Sourced by : Antara NTB

LPJK Nasional Disaster Preparedness

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Living on the prone-disaster area needs awareness, readiness and preparedness. Knowledge is necessary which is then manifested into the quick, accurate and coordinated action in order to overcome it. Therefore, the entire staffs of LPJK Nasional need to be equipped with knowledge in order to be more ready and prepared toward the natural disaster.

LPJK Nasional arranged a disaster preparedness training which was directly conducted by the expert A2K4 Dominggus Manuputi, in the Graha LPJK Nasional’s Building, Monday,(7/30/2018).

At the beginning of his presentation, Dominggus mentioned that the condition and incident of disaster were almost irreversible. Consequently, what must be overcome is the human sensitivity in dealing with disaster. In this case, increasing of employee’s capacity and capability in the scope of LPJK Nasional be the most potential thing to do.

“ LPJK can be started by installing evacuation signs,  gathering point until APAR’s providing. Because I see that it is not available in this building, ” clear Dominggus.

Dominggus added, LPJK also needed to pay attention in the matter of healthy,  safety and living environment (K3LH),  disaster risk management and safety fire protection.

Hereafter,  as the further action from today’s training, Dominggus hoped that LPJK also conducted the advanced training about handling earthquake hazard, wildfire and other disasters.


Visiting LPJK nasional,  General Director of Construction inquired about the structure of LPJK building.

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General Director of construction the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), Syarief Burhanuddin visited LPJK Nasional office, Friday (7/20/2018), in the Grha Building LPJK Nasional,  Jl. Arteri Pondok Indah, No. 82, Kebayoran Lama,  Jakarta Selatan. Accompanied by the Secretary General Director of Construction,  Yaya Supriatna, Sjarief went around the rooms on the second and third floor of LPJK building.

“This visit is a part of routine coordination about LPJK works with the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), at the same time desire to see the LPJK’s working atmosphere directly,” said Sjarief.

After he went around and did a light discussion with the board of LPJK Nasional’s leadership, today Syarief is scheduled to do a limited meeting with the board of LPJK Nasional’s supervisories. (rp)