LPJK Nasional Disaster Preparedness

July 30th, 2018

Living on the prone-disaster area needs awareness, readiness and preparedness. Knowledge is necessary which is then manifested into the quick, accurate and coordinated action in order to overcome it. Therefore, the entire staffs of LPJK Nasional need to be equipped with knowledge in order to be more ready and prepared toward the natural disaster.

LPJK Nasional arranged a disaster preparedness training which was directly conducted by the expert A2K4 Dominggus Manuputi, in the Graha LPJK Nasional’s Building, Monday,(7/30/2018).

At the beginning of his presentation, Dominggus mentioned that the condition and incident of disaster were almost irreversible. Consequently, what must be overcome is the human sensitivity in dealing with disaster. In this case, increasing of employee’s capacity and capability in the scope of LPJK Nasional be the most potential thing to do.

“ LPJK can be started by installing evacuation signs,  gathering point until APAR’s providing. Because I see that it is not available in this building, ” clear Dominggus.

Dominggus added, LPJK also needed to pay attention in the matter of healthy,  safety and living environment (K3LH),  disaster risk management and safety fire protection.

Hereafter,  as the further action from today’s training, Dominggus hoped that LPJK also conducted the advanced training about handling earthquake hazard, wildfire and other disasters.


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