Approaching National Conference,  INKINDO Conducts a Focus Group Discussion

July 10th, 2018

The head of LPJK Nasional, Ruslan Rivai who attended in the Focus Group Discussion of National Association of Indonesian Consultants (INKINDO) conveyed that with the enactment of the Law no. 2 Year 2017 about the construction service, the service in handling certificate will be very dependent on the Institution of Business Certification (LSBU) of the certificate applicant.

“The upcoming LPJK will only see whether the quality assurance of the product from LSBU fulfills the criteria, procedure and so forth. LPJK will use online certification in order to avoid the counterfeiting,” said Ruslan in front of the participants of MUNAS INKINDO who attended the FGD which was conducted in Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta Selatan, Tuesday, (7/10/2018).

The FGD also conveyed about everything that needed to be prepared for anticipating about competition between the consultants in the era after MEA implementation in 2015 ago, especially the protection toward the small consultant companies in the county till they can thrive and compete. Because of this, the regional economic growth will be felt realistically, especially in the construction sector.

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