Arbitration as the Solution of Dispute Resolution

May 4th, 2018

Rapid growth of Infrastructure Development in Indonesia needs support from the system in order to resolve the dispute in the construction field. The actors of construction services were eventually driven to use arbitration as the alternative way to resolve the dispute.

“According to the Laws No. 2 Year 2017, the resolution in the dispute of construction contract was the dispute council and has been mentioned that was agreed upon the parties who did the agreement,” cleared the chairman of Construction Services Development Board of Indonesia, Ruslan Rivai when he was opening the National Workshop of Understanding the Basic Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Construction Employment Contract in Grand Kemang Hotel, South Jakarta, Monday, (3/5/2018).

Meanwhile. The Chairman of Indonesian Arbitrator Institute (IARBI), Agus G. Kartasasmita said that arbitration is the attempt to prevent dispute from being brought to court. This thing also underlay the birth of Laws No. 2 Year 2017 about Construction Services.

The Workshop also presented A. R. Kendista Wantah as the speaker from Arbitration Council and alternative dispute resolution which was located in the other country, Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC), where recorded in the SIAC report 2016, Indonesia was recorded as the fourth country which has used  SIAC services after India, China and USA.

After one day workshop which was participated by the entire LPJKP of Indonesia, Government,  Professional Association, BUMN/BUMD as well as National/Foreign Private Companies, LPJK Nasional and IARBI continued their cooperation in order to provide arbitrators in the whole of Indonesia through the series of stages, starting from Basic Training which was held in March 6th-7th,2018 and next in March 13th-14th in Grand Kemang Hotel, South Jakarta.

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