Basuki Inaugurates 127 Officers of the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR)

July 19th, 2018

Cited from the official page of the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), today,  Friday, (7/20/2018), the Minister of PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono was inaugurating 127 officers for the Middle Officers , First Officers,  Administrator and Functional in the Ministry of PUPR environment, Friday (7/19/2018), at the Ministry of PUPR’s auditorium. The inaugurated officers consisted of 7 Middle Officers (echelon I), 22 First Officers (echelon II.a), 7 First Officers of Technical Implementation Unit (II.b), 66 Administrator officials (echelon III.a), 16 Administrator Officers (echelon III.b) and 9 Functional Officers.

Seven Middle Officers (echelon I) who were inaugurated are Ir. Widiarto, as the General Inspector substituted Dr. Rildo Ananda Anwar, SH, MM, Ir. Hari Suprayogi, M.Eng as the General Director of Water Resources substituted Ir. Imam Santoso, Msc, Ir. Sugiyartanto, MT as the General Director of Highways substituted Ir. Arie Setiadi Moerwanto, Msc,  Dr. Ir. Danis Hidayat Sumadilaga,  M. Eng. Sc as the General Director of the Human Settlements substituted Ir. Sri Hartoyo, Dipl, SE, ME, Ir. Hadi Sucahyono, MPP, Ph.D as the Head of Regional Infrastructure Development Agency (BPIW) substituted Ir. Lana Winayanti,  MCP who was previously officiate as the Caretaker Head of BPIW.

Besides, Ir. Achmad Gani Ghazali Akman, M.Eng.Sc was also inaugurated as the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Housing and General Works on the Development Integration substituted Ir. Adang Saf Ahmad, CES and Ir. Lukman Hakim, M.Sc as the Senior advisor of Technology, Industry and Environment substituted Ir. Khalawi AH. M.Sc, MM.

Minister Basuki in his instruction said that the officers’ substitution was inevitability and part of the organization refreshment which aimed to make the organization stronger and increase their works. “Our jobs are working and working harder. We will have a bigger responsibility in 2019. In the cabinet council, the Minister of Finance has conveyed that the renovation and development of education infrastructure (school) and market will be done by the Ministry of PUPR. This additional duty is a kind of trust for the Ministry of PUPR as the result of all staffs performance,” cleared Minister Basuki.

Therefore, through this reorganization all officers who have been inaugurated could give their contribution in order to increase the organizational performance. This officer inauguration was an affirmation of the open selection which was assessed later on by the selection committee that was formed in 2017 and the Assessment Team of the Ministry of PUPR.

On that occasion, Minister Basuki also showed his gratitude to all of the Middle Officers who have finished their duty with the amazing dedication in the infrastructure development. “Hopefully with a new team, the compactness could be maintained and improved,” Minister Basuki said.

Entering 2019 as the political year, Minister Basuki reminded to all boards of Civil Servant Apparatus (ASN) in the Ministry of PUPR not to participate in the practical politics, moreover to utilize the authority, position or managed budget for political activities. “we were only do politics when we vote. Whoever the President, ASN still works.” Firmly Basuki.

Another mandate was for officers who worked in the Ministry of PUPR to send their Report of State Official’s Assets (LHKPN) to the Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK). “Officials who have not sent the LHKPN yet, all documents (Officials reference) will not be signed. Sent that LHKPN because that was our obligation,” concluded Minister Basuki.

(Sourced by The Ministry of PUPR)


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