Integrated Construction Information System as a Determinant of Foreign Labor (TKA) Policy

May 2nd, 2018

JAKARTA – Wednesday, (5/2/2018), Focus Group Discussion (fgd) was held by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) with the theme Invasion of Foreign Labors in Construction and Infrastructure Sector “Presidential Decree No. 20 Year 2018: Ultimate Weapon Attracts Investors?”

Attended by the informant from Special Staff of Indonesian Vice President in Economic and Financial Fields, Representatives from the Ministry of Housing and General Works (PUPR), Representatives from the General Director of Construction the Ministry of PUPR, Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI), the Institution of Indonesian Engineers (PII), the Association of Indonesian Labors (ASPEK), the Association of Indonesian Young Entreprenurs (HIPMI) and LPJK Nasional. The FGD focused on discussing the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 20 Year 2018 about the utilization of foreign labors in Indonesia that will be implemented in the next June.

in this occasion, the Special Staff of Indonesian Vice President in Economic and Financial Fields, Wijayanto Samirin conveyed that this Presidential Decree actually contains about the utilization of foreign labors in order to increase investation as well as to protect the national labors.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of LPJK Nasional Ruslan Rivai conveyed that 45 certified foreign labors recorded as construction experts, either working in the representative office of foreign business entity or at some projects whose the funds sourced by Foreign Investments.

Ruslan added, in the law No 2 Year 2017 about the construction services instructed to all administrators of Construction services to employ the competence workers by showing the certificates which were issued by LPJK.

That law also instructed the central government to build an integrated construction information system that will be act as the basis of government policy in opening and closing gate for the foreign labors to work in Indonesia especially in the sector of construction services.

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