Sharing Happiness with GAPENSI

July 8th, 2018

Sharing Happiness with GAPENSI

Series of events were held by the Indonesian Assosiation of Construction Companies (GAPENSI) East Java in order to enliven the 8th Regional Working Deliberation (MUKERDA) which lasted from Saturday to Sunday (July,  7th-8th 2018), in Banyuwangi. This event was directly opened by the head of LPJK Nasional Ruslan Rivai, accompanied by the Chairman of BPP GAPENSI Ir. Iskandar Zulkarnain Hartawi and the Chairman of BPD GAPENSI East Java Province H. Agus Gendroyono.

One of the festivities which held by GAPENSI was “the Fun Walking Festival” that started and Finished line in Gesibu Blambangan, Banyuwangi. Thousands of Banyuwangi people and surrounding participated in fun walking festival which traveled for 2,9 kilometres.

Another event in MUKERDA was awarding for the best BPC GAPENSI and the best employee of BPD GAPENSI East Java in the form of a housing unit which was received symbolically by mukri. (hwp)

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